What is Google Adwords? What is CPC?

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What is Google Adwords? What is CPC?

Kiekie Jiang

Google is the leading search engine we use daily. Placing ads on Google is an effective method to increase website traffic.

But Google Ads does not work as simple as traditional advertising, and there are more to merely paying for advertising placements on media.

Today, we will learn more about what is Google Adwords, its effects, its functions, and how to use it.


What is Google Adwords?

Believe it or not, every internet user is familiar with Google Ads. We see Google Ads frequently on websites, blogs, internet browsers, Google Apps, and YouTube.

Google Adwords is a digital advertising platform designed by Google for advertisers to bid on different forms of online advertising.

There are many different types of Google Ads we see on the internet. The first type is called Search Engine campaigns, or Search Ads. These are the ads that show on the Google search result page due to a keyword search.

The areas circled red are Search Ads. They appear when someone searches for a product or service that is related or similar to yours. The ads on the left look like typical search results because they have the same text format. The only difference between organic results and the search ads is the little Ad icon placed before the website URL.

The ads on the right are Shopping Ads. These also come up when someone searches a keyword related to your product offering, but they are in the form of images and include a direct shopping link.

The search results without the Ad icons before the website URL are the natural search results. To have a higher rank on the Google search result page, you will need to utilize SEO to improve the search engine ranking. If you would like to know more about SEO and how it works, you could click on this article that was written by me before  (放文章title嵌链接)

The second type of Google ads is called Display Network campaigns, or Display Ads. These ads usually appear on third-party websites or apps in image forms.

The area that is circled yellow is an example of a display ad placed on YouTube. Display ads may appear when you browse websites or using an app.

The last type of Google ad is Video Campaigns. I am most familiar with this type of advertisement because they are everywhere in YouTube videos, before, during, or after. Yes, the video ads that appear when you watch a YouTube video are also a form of Google advertisement campaign. Many advertisers choose video campaigns over traditional advertising methods because the short videos can have fantastic visual effects, and they great eye-catchers.

No matter which form of Google Ad you choose, eventually, all of them bring impressions, traffic, conversions, brand influence, and tremendous profit if you utilize Google Adwords well.


How does Google Adwords function, and how do you use it?

The first step to start a Google Adwords campaign is by selecting a series of keywords related to your product or service offerings.

To select the most appropriate keywords for your particular brand, products, or services, you will need to identify the target audience for your company. The marketer will have to analyze the brand and offerings and think of words that can best represent them through search. The purpose is to target users’ demographics and attract target users who are more likely to purchase your products or services. There is also a method that helps identify target users called Remarketing, which allows marketers to see who previously interacted with your website or mobile app (About remarketing, 2021). 

After successfully selecting the appropriate keywords, the advertiser will have to bid for those keywords in Google Adwords. You will bid the maximum amount you would like to pay for one click through an ad placed under this particular keyword and compete against other bidders who also want this keyword for ad placement or rankings. This is generally known as CPC (Cost-Per-Click), the amount you pay for each click you get through Google Ad.

google biding

The highest bidding will most likely win a more significant advertising placement on Google or other platforms depending on the type of Google ad you choose.

Along with other factors, Google will decide where they should place your ad and its significance.

Below is the Google Adwords formula that decides the placement of a particular ad for a selected keyword.

webzilla SEM services

    *Image source: Google

Bidding is the most important criteria for the decision of your ad ranking and placement. Other factors such as quality score and format impact are also essential to improve the significance, placement, or ranking of your Google advertising.

Quality scores can be improved by increasing the relevance, expected Click-Through-Rate, and the landing page experience.

How relevant keywords are to your ad group

– Click-Through Rate (CTR)

– The quality of your landing page

– Relevance of text in your ad

– User experience

– Your historical performance

A higher quality score will decrease the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) for Google ads, increase exposure and ROI (Return Of Investment).

I will talk more about increasing the quality score and format impact later on in other articles. Please continue to follow our content on Webzilla’s website, Facebook, and Linkedin. 


The effects of Google Ads represented by actual case:

Below is the result of a Google Adwords campaign for Company B planned and executed by Webzilla.

webzilla SEM help increase sales
webzilla SEM help increase sales

Within three months, through Google Ads, Company B’s users increased by more than 50%.

Webzilla’s personalized Google Adwords Campaign brought around 500,000 impressions, almost 6k conversions, and more than 5k clicks for Company B.

The result will increase or decrease according to budget and the format impact of the ad.

Google Adwords is a beneficial method to include in your pocket of online marketing strategies.


How much does Google Ads cost?

The Cost-Per-Click for each keyword varies due to different levels of competitiveness and the number of biddings.

Keywords that have more biddings and higher competitiveness will usually have a higher CPC. The average Cost-Per-Click is between $1 to $2. But the highest CPC can go up to thousands. The highest CPC for a critical word known to date is “Google Server Hosting,” and its cost per click is $1.33k.The cost of Google Ads will have to depend on the business.

To summarize, Google Ads is an effective and efficient method of online marketing. You will get the best results from what you pay.

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