Why is Social Media Marketing important and beneficial for businesses?

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Boom ——

The world “exploded” when Andrew Weinreich invented the first social media app called 6 Degrees. The subsequent “explosion” was in 2014 when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

Social media changed the way people live. It improved our living standards and stimulated economic developments.

Today, more than 3 billion people are using social media.

Thanks to the technology pioneers, we can enjoy the comprehensive benefits of the social media revolution.

Social media is one of the most used and engaging communication mediums. We use it to connect with our family and friends, communicate brand messages, and analyze our competitions. Social media closely fit in our lives, assist us, change us, and create us.

Businesses need advertising to communicate important brand messages to the audience. The most important strategy is to place advertisements at the most prominent and significant places that will grab attention, and that’s why social media is the best display. In today’s society, especially when the world is in pandemics and locked away from each other, social media is the New York Times Square billboard globally.

Why is social media marketing important and non-comparable?

1. It brings significant exposure to brands

The number of users using social media has reached an all-time high and is still increasing every day. If brands want to be seen, social media marketing is the best strategy for all. More than 3 billion people use social media, and around 52% of marketers think that social media has increased business sales and revenue. According to statistics, social media attracts more attention from targeted audiences. Selling the products and services is much easier when you have the attention of consumers. Everyone is trying to build an online presence in this busy society today; whoever has the most attention and views has an enormous influence on our population. 

2. Precise consumer targeting

The most unique and best advantage of social media advertising is that you could precisely target consumers on social media through ad placements. I don’t know if you have experienced this: I searched “Best computer recommendations” on Google. When I opened up Instagram and Facebook, I received the ads displaying “computers for sale” on my accounts. This is called behavioral advertising, and precision targeting is used smartly by technology companies. Traditional advertising is like randomly throwing a wide fishnet in the ocean and silently wait for any fish to go into the net. But if you know you want salmon but a whale ended up coming up, you won’t be able to successfully catch it because you don’t have the appropriate tools to catch whales. But precise targetting will allow you to catch any types of fish you want by providing you the right tools and techniques to capture that type of fish. With precise targetting, you can select detailed consumer demographics such as age, city, country, gender, and interests. Combined with behavior advertising that targets consumers’ online activities and selects critical consumers for you, your brand can increase brand exposure effectively. Even when the target audience doesn’t go through with the purchasing process, you can establish a strong brand presence.

3. Cost-effective

The next best advantage of social media marketing is that it is relatively cost-effective. It is the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is in today’s market. For the budget of $10-$20, you could get an exposure of over 1000 people (For more detailed pricing of your type of product, please contact Webzilla for information). Using social media advertising could also provide precise ROI calculations (Return Of Investment) and statistics of user engagement (Clicks, views, likes, comments, shares). These could not be provided by traditional advertising. Compared to conventional advertising, social media advertising is more cost-efficient and beneficial.

What types of social media apps are commonly used? What’s the advantages of each?

The most common social media used in New Zealand are:

1. Facebook

Facebook has the most substantial brand presence and the broadest scale of audience. You would find any customer on Facebook and reach a broad potential target audience by utilizing Facebook advertising. The best benefit of doing Facebook marketing is getting a wide target audience, and Facebook functions. Most businesses will incorporate Facebook marketing into their marketing strategy because it is crucial to place ads where most people could see them.

An important note here is that Facebook ads has extrodinary benefits that normal boosted posts do not. Boosted posts have the limitations of not being able to choose where the ads are positions. But Facebook ads allows you to choose where your ads show up exactly (Messenger, Instagram stories, instant articles, Audience Network, mobile/desktop news feed , and Facebook news feed side ads).

2. Instagram

Instagram is the online stage and playground for millennials. Instagram users are made up of majorly people under the age of 30. Instagram is owned by the Facebook group. It is the best place to share photos and daily lives and the best platform to create strong brand awareness. The advantage of Instagram advertising is that you will effectively reach the younger target audience and utilize visual effects designed by Instagram for branding benefits. There will be fantastic user engagements and practical brand benefits.

3. WeChat

WeChat is where each and every Chinese user use it for online communications. Without WeChat, there will be a disengagement between each Chinese user and the world because essentially every Chinese member is on WeChat. News, messages, information are shared on WeChat. The best advantage of using WeChat advertising is that it is the best medium to target Chinese consumers. Besides its effectiveness in Chinese consumer target, it is also relatively cost-effective, an excellent tool for small to medium businesses. If you want to learn how to use WeChat marketing, check out our article “How to enter the Chinese market”

4. YouTube

What’s the most popular form of marketing today? Video marketing! Visual effects grab the most attention and create the most robust brand awareness. YouTube is also owned by the Facebook group. The best platform to establish video marketing is YouTube. Most marketers find YouTube their favorite new playground for doing video marketing. YouTube has a very mature precision targeting tool; through altering the algorithm, your video ads can be viewed by thousands to millions of target audiences.

5. Linkedin

What are the most common platform used by all professionals for work, careers, and general business news? Linkedin! You will find most professionals and companies on Linkedin. It is the place for seeking professional connections and building a professional profile. Advertising on Linkedin has the benefit of reaching high-end professionals that are likely to bring more value to your business. You could also have a more premium and outstanding effect on your brand by utilizing Linkedin ads well.

6. Tiktok

Tiktok is the newest popular social media app introduced to the market. The short video sharing function is highly addictive and creates massive audience engagements. Placing ads on Tiktok can also bring enormous audience engagement and a strong brand presence. A great trending tool for brands today.

Why choose Webzilla?

Webzilla has helped more than 200 brands establish effective digital marketing plans by placing ads on digital platforms, building SEO, and creating unique websites. We have the best professional expertise and most friendly personalized services. Through utilizing the potentials and power of the internet, connect brands to the target audience.

As mentioned in the Facebook section, normal boosted posts have its limitations on reaching wider audience and choosing specific ad positioning. Webzilla can utilize Facebook ads functionalities and help you establish better ads positioning and targeting which will generate better ROI and ads effectiveness.

Below are some of the outcome of our social media martketing plans for brands.

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