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Webzilla- The Best Digital Agency In Auckland, NZ

So you’ve made the decision to move into the world of digital marketing, and you’re considering your options for hiring a digital agency to assist you. You have come to the right place. We are Webzilla, the best digital marketing agency in Auckland, Nz, accelerating businesses 24/7. We are experts in finding and converting the most potential leads at a wide scale through search engine optimization and social media channels. Our highly trained digital agency team delivers industry-leading services ranging from SEO to SEM, digital consultancy to web design, and digital marketing. But what should you be looking for in a digital marketing firm? What would persuade you that we are worth your time? Let’s dive into exploring more!

Who Are We?

We are a full-service digital agency located in Auckland, Nz. Our highly-skilled and experienced professionals work with the highest level of accuracy and dedication. Mainly, we work by providing you with the search strategies of marketing: our dedication and hard work results in maximizing your business profits in return. We highly recommend our services to small or medium-sized business websites in New Zealand and Australia.

What Do We Do?

The team at Webzilla understands that each customer has a different story and unique digital goals. No matter what is the size of your business size, industry, or technology, our highly trained team has an established track record of achieving exciting, best-performing digital results that produce productive results for businesses across the world.

We are the leading digital agency in Newzealand to make your life easier and help you grow your business most profitable and professionally. Yes, you can be successful and have a flourishing business with us just like the way you dreamt of.

Our Core Services

1. SEO Consultancy

We at Webzilla make your company’s visibility more clear and profound on Google SERP. With our white hat’ SEO services, your website will get ranked at Google very easily. 

2. SEM Consultancy

We provide satisfaction to our clients by managing the advertising campaigns. These may include generating more leads and traffic to your website. Moreover, we will take all the preventive measures to ensure that you are safe from any losses. Save your time and energy by outsourcing your SEO and SEM services to us.

Industries Served

Webzilla works with a wide range of clients across Auckland, Nz, business organizations to charities, and membership organizations. We mainly serve the following industries:

  1. Associations & Nonprofits
  2. Financial Services
  3. Government
  4. Manufacturing & Distribution
  5. Professional Services
  6. Ecommerce
  7. Education
  8. Healthcare
  9. Sports & Entertainment
  10. Retail & Consumer Goods
  11. Transportation

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Surviving through the Pandemic by utilizing Internet Marketing

While all of us thought Covid-19 was going to end with 2020, Auckland went into Level 3 lockdown for the 4th time on 14th February 2021, causing a great panic for businesses.

Clearly, like it or not, we will live with the epidemic for a while, and we must get used to the changes it has created in how we run businesses. 


Small businesses make up 97% of New Zealand’s economy. When the Covid-19 hit New Zealand unexpectedly, most small businesses found it difficult to survive under the conditions of lockdowns because small companies have a lower cash flow.

Without consumers being able to shop physically, Covid-19 has increased unemployment, decreased revenue by 34%, and dropped the market price to nearly half of the original price. Under the circumstance, Contactless shopping, i.e., online sales, was the only way to resume trade. 


But how to shift businesses from the traditional marketing and operation methods to online methods? During the last lockdown, many small business owners chose to post social updates to alert their customers about their business being open during Level 3. They could do delivery or pick up. However, this method is ineffective because it does not give customers a point of difference for your business to stand out from the rest of the messages on social media. Customers might not be able to see, and even if they see your post, there is no strong call of action to motivate customers to purchase. If your business does not have an integrated online marketing plan, you will find it hard to survive under the Pandemic and the data-driven world.

Many people may have heard of internet marketing but do not know what to do practically and misunderstand it. There are three common misunderstandings about online marketing:

1. Building a website could help businesses make money

This is correct, but a website is a port between corporations and consumers. It provides a platform just like any physical store to demonstrate its products and services and provide consultation and sales services to customers. A website on its own does not have any marketing effects; you need to fix the core issue: how to let more people be aware of your online shop.

2. Online marketing is advertising on the internet

An integrated online marketing plan has several components, and online advertising is only a small part of the big goal. Online advertising cannot bring all the sales to your business. A successful internet marketing plan should include many internet marketing methods, including branding and marketing management. 

3. Small to medium businesses do not have the resource to do internet marketing

Online marketing methods are cheaper and more effective compared to traditional marketing. It is more suitable for small to medium businesses to use internet marketing as the primary promotion strategy.图片

Now I’m going to introduce some standard online marketing methods to help your business build strong brand awareness:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the best method to increase website visibility and brand exposure. It is done by targeting Google search engines and utilizing the background algorithm to enhance your website, keyword ranking, and increase natural traffic.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM utilizes the search engine for promotion, placing advertisements on Google, also known as the online advertising method Pay Per Click. It can effectively increase the clicks and sales volume in a short time.


Social Media Marketing

Promoting products and services and increase brand awareness on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo.

Content Marketing 

Create great content for brand blogs, articles, social updates, landing pages to increase customer interactions (likes, comments, forwarding, etc.), and brand recall.

Email Marketing

Directly email customer contact list about product promotions. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to the email content.图片

As a small business owner, if you do not have your marketing team, it isn’t easy to create your own successful online marketing campaign. Outsourcing online marketing services is a common and better choice for small to medium businesses due to limited resources. It is more convenient, cost-efficient, and effective for a professional SEO, SEM company to do your online marketing for you.

Below is company A’s case from Webzilla:图片

From 1st December 2020 to 24th January 2021, Company A received a 1:10 rate of return in 2 months after Webzilla helped A create its own SEM and online marketing campaign. The campaign significantly increased Company A’s brand awareness and sales revenue.

As a leading online marketing company, Webzilla has successfully helped hundreds of businesses develop online marketing solutions that generate better traffic and returns.图片

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How to increase the traffic to your website?


With consumer buying behaviour shifting towards online shopping and the pandemic that has locked people inside their houses, we face a significant increase in the number of online shopping websites today. 

Almost every business, from big corporations to small family stores, have their own websites or some sort of online presence. The entry to an online shopping platform is close to no barrier. Practically anyone with access to the internet can create their unique website. There are almost 6 billion websites on the internet today, and around 550,000 new websites are being created every day. 

When you search for any keyword on Google relating what you are looking for, for example, “Restaurants near me” there are almost 200 million search results – websites shown.


The most reasonable question for any business or website owner to ask under this data explosion generation is – How to make your website stand out from the rest? If you want your website to rank first three in Google search engine, relating your keywords, and increase the chance of targeting consumers clicking in your platforms (click per search), you would need to do more than merely creating a website. You would need SEO and SEM to enhance your website and those traffic youʼre receiving. 

Most of you might have already heard of SEO and SEM, but you probably donʼt understand how it works precisely.  


What are SEO and SEM?

SEO standards for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it targets the Google search engine to enhance your website and let more potential customers find your website. You DO NOT pay for any advertisement but will improve your website content etc., accordingly.

SEM standards for Search Engine Marketing. It increases your website visibility and exposure, and traffic by paying for online advertisements, such as Pay-perclick (PPC)

Both SEO and SEM increases your website visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


How do SEO and SEM increase your website traffic and SERPs?

Before you learn about how SEO works, you need to understand how the Google search engine algorithm works. There are two types of traffic going to your website: First is Natural Traffic, Second is Paid traffic. Natural traffic is people clicking into your website through non-advertising methods, such as searching a keyword on Google directly or through a blog that links your website. Paid traffic is people clicking into your website through an online advertisement somewhere on the webpage that you paid. 

Google algorithm favours natural traffic and rank websites with higher natural traffic higher than paid traffic. Therefore, SEO, which increases the amount of natural, non-paid traffic that leads to your website, will increase your search engine keyword ranking and generate more natural traffic for you.


On the other hand, SEM utilizes paid advertisements on search engines to increase your brand awareness, exposure, Click Through Rate (CTR) in a short time frame. By attracting new potential customers by clicking on your website, you will generate high sales in return, which is a tall and fast return investment.

To get a better understanding of how your company could use SEO and SEM to enhance your brand awareness and returns, feel free to contact us and send us a query. Webzilla is a professional online marketing team that helped hundreds of local businesses succeed in building an online presence.

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