Why is WeChat marketing your strategy to enter the Chinese market?

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No matter where you are, every business is interested in attracting the Chinese market. The Chinese segment has one of the highest purchasing power and brings valuable assets to every type of business. But as a foreign company, how do you enter the Chinese market? The answer to that is, in fact, very straightforward: use WeChat marketing.

WeChat is the primary social media Chinese use daily. Nearly every Chinese across the globe use WeChat. The total number of active monthly Wechat users have exceeded 1 billion in 2018. In New Zealand, there are roughly 100,000 active Chinese users on Wechat.

By having your own WeChat platform, you build a strong company brand and presence.

The reason why WeChat is so popular amongst Chinese users is because WeChat incorporates features of both Facebook and Instagram into one platform. In English speaking countries, audience are split into different platforms, and each have their own unique demographics. But in China, WeChat absorbed all of the Chinese population into one social media App and transformed the Chinese user behaviour ever since. You could see WeChat as the combination of Facebook and Instagram. But for the Chinese culture, WeChat represents family, friends, love, connection and communication.

There are many advanatges in choosing WeChat marketing, the main is that it generates high impressions. But it is also an effective and easy platform toplace advertisements at. You can target the Chinese audience literally in every corner of the world. While the effects of using WeChat marketing is beneficial, at the same time, you don’t need to worry about the budget as it’s also inexpensive. Roughly, you get one thousand impressions for every 100 RMB you pay on WeChat marketing through Webzilla digital marketing agency.

By choosing and using WeChat’s marketing effectively with Webzilla, your company could successfully establish a strong branding amongst the Chinese audience and enter the world of Chinese market with ease.

There are 4 main steps to start WeChat marketing:

1. Register a WeChat official account 

There are three types of WeChat official accounts: subscription accounts, service accounts, and enterprise accounts. As a business, you wouldn’t need an enterprise account because it is used for the internal management of companies. The primary accounts you need are subscription accounts and service accounts. The core difference between subscription and service accounts is how they appear on the user’s message feed and how many messages each type can send to the WeChat audience. 

The difference between how Service and Subscription accounts appear like:

Service accounts appear in message feed like friends’ messages, and it can send four push messages per month to WeChat followers. 

Subscription accounts also appear in the message feed but in the “Subscriptions” folder, and it can send 1 push message per day.

Figure 1: Picture source from Google

It is complicated for oversea businesses to register WeChat official accounts, you will need many documents. There is a list of document you need to upload to WeChat

If you have a Chinese business license, you can register by following the steps on the official account registration form on WeChat.

If you don’t have a Chinese business license but like to register your business official acount on WeChat, contact Webzilla today to learn about every option there are for your compay.

2. Get verified as a WeChat Official account 

There are a few steps you will need to follow to get verified on WeChat as an official account. Some industries and companies cannot get verified due to restritions in China. Contact Webzilla to follow the steps that your business is required by WeChat to get verified. 

3. Register to be a “WeChat Advertiser.”

After getting verified, log into your WeChat Official account, and look for “Promotion/推广” from the section on the left. Click into the “WeChat Advertiser/广告主” and fill out the registration form to apply to become a WeChat Advertiser.

Different industries need different verification so it is easier to contact Webzilla to help you.

The registration process takes roughly two working days.

If you find the whole application process too complicated, you could always ask for help from Webzilla digital marketing agency. We are here to help you create your Official account, design and place tailored WeChat advertisements and build your brand’s presence in the Chinese market. We have the best specialists to tackle your need for online marketing.

4. Design your unique WeChat ads or H5

There are different types of WeChat advertisements to choose from. The first option is purchase

WeChat ad display that appear in the WeChat friend circle feed to increase your company exposure. It is a relatively easy and effective advertising method. Create an advertisement for WeChat friend circle campaigns by making a long picture containing both photos and word content. The second option is to place your ads at the bottom of WeChat articles as banners.

Image source: WeChat Marketing

H5 is another form of WeChat Marketing. It is an interactive platform that allows WeChat users to create interactive campaigns. You could use this platform to develop games, designs, animations, interactive music, and sound playing and word content. 

Along with WeChat marketing,Webzilla also provide WeChat Offcial account content management, where we help you write articles related to your industry or company and design article form and structures. Contant Webzilla for more information on WeChat marketing.

Where to display your ads is an important and complicated decision. It involves deep marketing and psychological concepts. If your company don’t have a team of marketing specialists, it is the best option to outsource this part of the company strategy to a professional team that specializes in digital marketing.

Advertising and marketing are communication methods from brands to consumers. Every word and every picture that are under the views of the public delivers important brand message and influence. Webzilla digital marketing agency can help you create your best tailored online marketing strategies that makes you stand out from the industry.

If you would like to learn more about WeChat marketing and create WeChat campaigns, please contact WebZilla digital marketing specialists. 

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