How will iOS 14 affect Facebook ads

In last year, Apple announced to launch of iOS 14. The update system implements two new policies for social advertising: Tracking Transparency Prompt and Tracking Transparency Prompt. These two policies are enforced for all phones operating on iOS 14. The users could select either opt-in of tracking or opt-out of tracking by themselves and it severely restricts Facebook’s ability of data collecting.

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How does Facebook deal with that?

These changes influence advertising ability for many businesses who adopt the social media platforms like Facebook. To help with that, Facebook adjusts the measurements and metrics of the attribution window. Meanwhile, Facebook implements Aggregated Event Measurement, a new tool uses tracking and measure the general performance of ads.

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Attribution window

The users of Facebook ads will set the attribution window when they create their ads. The function of the attribution window is to measure the number of days between when a person viewed or clicked your ad and subsequently took an action. If iOS 14 users opt-out of tracking, Facebook could not target the potential customers accurately in a specific period. It means, Facebook’s ability to provide advertising to potential customers decreases, which will impact the performance of Facebook ads.

With the new attribution setting update, 28-day click, and 28-day view will not be supported, to be replaced by the new four selections. The initial default changes to 7-day click and 1-day view. The move is intended to improve the accuracy of advertising performance analysis, to provide more accurate advertising performance analysis reports to businesses.

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Aggregated Event Measurement

If iOS 14 users opt-in to tracking, Facebook can rack up to multiple events when they visit a business’ website (eg. Page View, Purchase, Add to Cart etc.). There are 8 eight standard events. iOS 14 do not support custom events. Therefore, advertisers have to choose the events from the preset list of Facebook.

If users opt-out of tracking, Facebook could only receive a single event from a specific domain. The event is based on a priority list which is set by the advertiser. If the user does not finish the top event, the data of the next-highest event that the user completes will be sent to the advertiser. Thus, advertisers must consider prioritising the conversion event list.

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How to optimize your Facebook ads?

The users of Facebook Ads should set your Aggregated Event Measurement firstly to measure the events of iOS 14 users.

  1. Domain Verification, especially, if your account has multiple Pixels.
  2. The advertiser will select relevant events based on the objective of the ads (e.g., Conversions Campaigns and Purchases) and decide the hierarchical list.  

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What is Quality Score and how it can help you save google budget?

In the previous blogs, we have introduced Google AdWords, Ad rank, the differences among Google Advertising, Social media marketing and WeChat marketing. Today, we will discuss how Quality Score could influence your Ad rank and CPC (Cost per Click).  

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is a diagnostic tool to assess the quality of your ads, keywords, and Landing pages. A high score indicates that your ads are more likely to gain a higher ad rank with a lower cost. Quality Score is measured on a scale from 1-10. 5 is the minimum benchmark of Quality Score. Higher Quality Score could help reduce the CPC. Otherwise, you may have to spend a higher CPC compared to a higher quality score ad.

What kinds of factors will influence Quality Score?

In general, your Quality Score could be influenced by three main factors, including:

Relevance: How closely your keywords match your ads and the intent behind the search of users. If your Quality Score is below average, it may indicate your ads are too broad to address users’ problems, or that the keywords are less relevant to your business.

Excepted CTR: How likely the users will click your ads when shown?  Google will estimate your future CTR based on how well your ads have performed historically.

Landing Page Experience:  When the users click your ad and go to the landing pages, the relevancy of your ads and the content on the landing pages, transparency of information and ease of operation will affect your Quality Score.  

How could High Quality Score benefit You?

A high Quality Score will obtain higher ad rankings and lower costs. For merchants, they could improve the Quality Score to reduce the CPC and increase the Impression. As a result, the ROI would increase.

How to Increase the Quality Score?

  1. Quality Score review: you can sign in to your Google Ads account and check your Quality Score. Please do the daily review and optimize the components.
  2. Selecting and optimizing keywords: Adding high relevant keywords to your ads group. Exactly matched keywords will reach the audience accurately, but the scope is too small. Otherwise, general keywords may expand the coverage of reach, but the relevance will decrease.
  3. Optimizing Landing Pages: improve the speed of your landing page, the content on your landing page needs to be relevant and clear that the users could find the information they are looking for.

The above content generally covers the operating principle and function of the Quality Score. Want to learn more about how to improve your Quality Score? Contact Webzilla today by sending us a message! We will have our best digital marketing specialists to help you!

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5 Free Google Tools to Level up Your SEO Game

Isn’t it amazing how the right tools can make a huge difference in stepping up your SEO strategy? Well, everything on the web starts with the search engine. And a good search engine optimization starts with having the correct tools. However, with a plethora of paid tools for SEO in the room, you must be concerned about if any free tools to optimize your content for the search engine. Well, if you are searching for free SEO tools apart from the fancy paid ones; the tech giant itself has got you covered.

This guide states the top 5 free Google tools to upgrade your SEO strategy today! Guess what? They are fast, reliable, and absolutely FREE! Read on to know more!

1) Google Trends

Google Trends is a free SEO tool that is usually used for tracking the essential “trends” around the search queries. Here’s why!

  • Searching new keywords: When you swipe into Google Trends, you will come across a search bar. Therein, you can enter your query. On entering your query, the screen displays you with a trend chart of interest in the query within moments.

These boxes will usually be set to “rising” by default. This denotes that these queries or topics are gaining traction currently. Hence, these are the keywords that you might wish to capitalize on quickly so that you can be the first rank gainer.

  • Advanced keyword research: Google Trends is helpful at the base level. But, you can do much more! At the top of Google Trends, you will see a menu that enables you to enter a period, region, category, and search platforms.

While Region enables you to analyze where you wish to pull the search data, Category enables you to choose the category you are currently competing in. The region is highly beneficial while you work on Local SEO projects. The category is an excellent feature for individuals who provide any specific service in a certain industry or people having a common query.

Search platform enables you to refine the entire data to certain platforms like Google Shopping Search, News Search, YouTube Search, and Image Search.

2) Google Analytics

If you are looking forward to optimizing the performance of your website, make Google Analytics your best friend. You will find no other better way to get started other than gaining key insights about what takes place on your site.

Google Analytics is another excellent Google free tool that allows you to gain knowledge of how many visitors visit your website. Moreover, it even states where they belong from, and how much time they spend on your website.

Additionally, you can even gain better knowledge about the demographics of your visitors. To sum up, when you have this amount of data, you can easily make changes to your website for targeting your audience better thereby turning them into leads and sales.

3) Test My Site

This is an excellent tool that measures your site according to Google guidelines. Ideally, This tool looks for three main and specific categories of features present in your website. These features include Experience, Speed, and Personalization. The best part is, Test My Site is ideal for every website along with product-based business Websites.

The first report displayed at the Test My Site screen is a mini-report that hinders your mobile site speed and any further recommendations for fixes.

If you want more information, you can sign up to obtain the full report. The full report consists of a comprehensive breakdown of recommendations and explanations for both developers and marketers.

4) Google Correlate

If you are one of those who wish to dive a bit beyond while researching Keyword data, Google Correlate is for you! With this tool, you can expose search patterns that correlate with real-world trends. This tool entirely focuses on appropriate and relevant keyword research.

To be more precise, Google Correlate offers keywords that are usually typed and searched together. For instance, “fat loss”.

You might already be aware that there are several keywords based on this subject. However, this free tool displays to you the ones that are ideally suited and correspond closely to the primary keyword that you have entered.

If you have a huge inclination in revealing accurate long-tail Keywords for any subject, make Google Correlate your partner! The next time you start writing a blog, try using this tool.

5) Google Keyword Planner

This is an excellent free Google tool that helps advertisers to build Google Adwords Campaigns. With this tool, you can optimize your website with appropriate keywords. Keyword Planner is ideally designed to provide advertisers a detailed insight about those keywords that the target audience is utilizing to look for businesses similar to theirs on the web. You can discover keywords with this tool and optimize your site.

Moreover, when the matter is about analyzing whether a keyword possesses enough search volume for optimization, you will find no other better source than Google itself. Keyword Planner helps you to grab an insight into the volume data of the keyword search.


On that note, you can easily level up your SEO Strategy using these Google SEO tools. Moreover, it is not really about tools. Today, gaining data holds more importance. Isn’t it? And who else can do it better than the giant themselves?

If you are searching for effective digital experts that level up your SEO game and help you gain innumerable customers, connect with Webzilla now.

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Eight benefits and advantages of creating a website for your business

Internet is a substantial influence on people’s lives these days. Our purchasing habits have changed mainly due to the impact of online shopping. For example, we used to go to physical stores and talk to sales regarding the best product. Nowadays, we check for reviews and product descriptions with the creation of websites before we visit any stores or check out online. Businesses need to establish their websites. A nicely designed website will build business success, uplift brand image, increase customer credibility, and enhance customer service.

There are eight advantages of having a business website:

1. Customer credibility

Every customer goes through a purchasing process before completing any transaction. Due to the large number of similar competing products and services we currently have in the markets, customers are more than ever cautious about selecting products. The researching stage in the customer purchasing process requires more information to keep customers satisfied as people will search for brand websites before making any purchase. Therefore, having an official well-constructed business website is an essential foundation to building customer credibility. If a brand does not have a website, customers might question if the business exists because nearly every brand with a good reputation has a website.

2. Brand image

A website is like an online business card; it represents a company’s brand image. Users will form an impression of your brand as soon as they open up your website. It is essential to establish a good brand image as a critical criterion in the buyer decision process. A good website needs to deliver aesthetics and attitude. Pictures, copywriting, layout, designs, color combinations all need to be considered to establish a perfect brand image that will drive purchase.

3. Brand awareness

A beautiful website will enhance brand awareness while delivering brand presence. The higher the brand awareness, the more chance of customer purchasing your product. Creating a good website is an excellent way of building brand awareness online. How customers see your brand is directly linked with how your website looks in customer’s eyes. Again, the website designs need to be strongly associated with your brand image and be functional at the same time.

4. Natural traffic

A search engine optimized website can increase natural ranking on the search engine, followed by heavy natural traffic to your website. High natural traffic will bring higher leads and sales. Natural traffic is better than paid traffic because you don’t have to pay the extra cost, and the users that click in are attracted to your offering. A good website will bring brand exposure, let more people see your brand, and enhance brand awareness and influence.

5. Customer service

A website can help customers learn more helpful information about the company and its offerings and assist customers with purchasing decisions by answering basic customer inquiries. For example, you can display information such as opening hours, address, number price, and product information on your website. Chatbox technology can also help with enhancing customer service by talking and answering customer questions online without hiring actual human resources at a call center. A well-constructed website helps make both the company and customer’s lives more convenient.

6. Online/digital marketing

If you are planning or already doing digital marketing for your brand, it is necessary to have a company website ready for the result. Typically traffic made by digital marketing will be directed to the website or landing page, prompting customer inquiry, search, or placing an order. If you do not have a website to assist with digital marketing, the result can be less effective than having a website ready. A website will increase the ROI of your marketing budget, help you capture leads and let you see business results more clearly.

7. Updates & Announcements

A website is like a self-driven 24/7 customer service center and a brand display stand. Companies don’t need to worry about the cost involved in operating an all-day customer service center but receives the same benefits as having one. You can display product images and information, which increases brand awareness and customer influence. You can also increase natural ranking, which increases traffic that can be turned into leads later on by posting articles, company updates, blogs, and social media information. Those benefits are achieved with less than 1/10 of the average operation cost of running a physical store or a call center.

8. Globalization

It is easy to reach any customer at any place with the help of a website. If your brand targets a global market and doesn’t have many delivery restrictions, then having an online shopping website is the best strategy to connect with customers worldwide. The internet has no limits in terms of regions. Even if you are just a local store, having a good website will help advertise your name around the area and globally and bring unlimited business benefits to your company.

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Quick & Easy Ideas to Attract Quality Links

While almost everyone recognizes the value of “doing content marketing,” many people – including those with recorded content marketing strategies – are unsure how to match the types of content they produce with their desired content aims for marketing.

If you’re working on a link-building plan, keep in mind that incoming connections don’t happen overnight. It’s a painstakingly slow operation.

The consistency and authority of the pages where you create links are important factors in deciding how high you can rank in search engine results.

Let’s hit the brain cells through a few quick and easy ways:

1) Use High-Quality Content on Your Site

First and foremost. If you want to draw connections, all of the content on your website should be of high quality and value. Other websites use your content to decide whether or not they want to connect to you. It is a representation of your entire brand and business. Other sites would not consider you an authoritative brand worth linking to if your website pages appear to be of poor quality or lack useful information. Use these content writing tips to produce high-quality content that looks professional and generates long-term ties.

You may repurpose your own content – or content generated by others – to create new types of content. “Week in Review,” “Most Famous Stories,” “Top Stories,” or “Best Articles of the Year” are common examples of curated content items.

Although curated content pieces are unlikely to generate a large number of editorial links, they do add value and aid in discovery. When you build an internal connection to one of your own sites, your users will be directed to that page.

2) Giveaway Tools

Offering your own free tools will earn you links in addition to being a great lead generation tool. Content is often made up of tools.

There’s also the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator, which can tell you whether or not Facebook ads are worthwhile.

Also, the Free Keyword Tool, which is one of the best on the market.

If you have a useful tool, people can tell their friends about it – and, yes, link to it.

3] Share your strong viewpoints

Even if you’re writing about something you despise, boldly voicing an opinion will win you some connection love, whether you call it an opinion piece, a think piece, or a rant.

For example, the article 7 Things I Still Hate About LinkedIn Ads expressed some legitimate concerns about the state of self-service advertisements on the business social networking platform – and got a significant amount of traffic.

Often back up your point with data or other supporting evidence if you’re going to publish this form of material (e.g., statistics, quotes, patents).

Although a little controversy can be beneficial, it should be done in moderation – and never in a way that is hateful, mean, or unfair to you or your brand. You may be critical and express an opinion without resorting to ad hominem assaults or acting like a jerk.

4) Educate Your Audience

The demand for educational content is still high. People are constantly trying to learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and advance their careers.

You (and your brand/business) would be seen as an expert if you have learning opportunities. People really enjoy sharing and linking to useful tools.

Whatever form it takes, the key is to be genuinely helpful and assist your readers in solving problems. They’ll be grateful, and they’ll prove it by sharing ties.

5) Create Videos

When it comes to rounding out your connection profile, videos are another common form of material. Fifty-nine percent of SEO experts say they’ve used video content to create links, and two-thirds of them say it’s successful.

Of course, with so much video content on the internet these days, it can be difficult to stand out. You need to get into your audience’s heads and build content based on a thorough understanding of what motivates, frustrates, and amuses them. Then you must devote the necessary time, effort, and financial resources to perfecting your videos.

There are a few things you could do while fishing:

  • Use the proper bait and
  • Fish in the areas where the fish are.

That is exactly what link building entails. You must think about something that your community is interested in and then present it to them.

  • How to create links with videos

Healthy videos are the foundation for earning ties. Find the following suggestions for creating videos that garner interest – and engagement:

  • Use videos to help customers with their problems 

Use other tools like Quora to find frequently asked questions in your sector that you can answer if your previous outreach didn’t elicit enough.

  • Your video content will help you build your brand

Maintain a high level of quality and adhere to a formula that your viewers would remember (for example, have signature bumpers).

Often have a strong call to action to post. You can use YouTube’s cards and end screen features if you’re publishing on the platform.

  • Make your videos more optimized 

This entails checking your account, adding custom thumbnails, and including video summaries on YouTube. You may also upload transcripts.

6) Infographics

One of the most common forms of link-building material is infographics.

Over half of SEO experts (53%) build cornerstone infographics, and 61% of those who do find them to be an effective way to win backlinks.

How to create links with infographics?

It’s usually a three-step process to create link-worthy infographics:

  1. Choose a subject that is highly important to your target audience

And narrow it down as much as possible (for example, if your niche is social media, concentrate on a single hot framework).

  • Collect information about your subject (preferably from research)

Let the data points flow logically down the page by wireframing them.

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How does Behavioral Targeting work and why Behavioral Targeting can help your business

Have you ever experienced being stalked by the internet? When you searched for a product in the web browser, you start seeing similar ads pop up everywhere, on Facebook, on Instagram, even in the mobile games you play.

The technology behind all this crazy stalking is called behavioural targeting. Behavioural targeting tracks user browsing activities, analyses user information and finds potential customers for brands, and then forwards the advertisements to users with similar interests. If you want to understand how Google and Facebook ads function, you need to learn about behavioural targeting.

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What is behavioural targeting?

Behavioural targeting is obtaining user information online then precisely placing advertisements on the screens of the specifically targeted customers. The underlying strategy behind behavioural targeting can reduce the size of potential customers and increase the accuracy and practicability of ad placement.

Behavioural targeting is collecting user’s online behaviours data, such as the searched keywords, the browsing history, previous purchase history to infer their customer type. After knowing more information about the users, behavioural targeting can push your ads to the people who will be more likely to purchase your product or service. The concept of behavioural targeting is increasing customer satisfaction by recommending them the best product that matches their wants and needs.

(The whole user data collection is under consent)

Facebook advertising

Most online adverting uses behaviour targeting, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and WeChat ads. All use behaviour targeting to do precise ad placement.

What does behavioural targeting do?

Wechat advertising

1. Increase Conversion Rate

Being able to precisely let your targeted customer groups see your advertisement can effectively increase the conversion rate. Data analyses the best potential customers with the maximum possibility of purchasing your product or service, so behavioural targeting has adequate returns.

2. Reduce marketing cost

For the same price, online ads that use behavioural targeting technology have better results than traditional advertising. Therefore, brands can spend less on marketing for products and services wanting promotion and achieve the same or even better financial results.

3. Gain customer liking

People today want to be understood. Today customers have a higher expectancy towards convenience and need satisfaction. Behaviour targeting advertising provides services that users look for in online shopping. It helps users save time looking for products they want by recommending them with the best products, which increases customer liking towards the brand.

What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Want to learn more about how behavioral targeting work for your brand or learn which advertising method suits your business the best? Contact Webzilla today by sending us a message! We will have our best digital marketing specialists to help you!

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How to get more clients From facebook lead ads

Have you heard of Facebook lead ads? Do you know what it can do for your business? If you haven’t heard of Facebook lead ads, it’s time to learn and start using them because it is exactly what you need to increase your lead.  

Many businesses will face the problem of not knowing which user has higher value converted into actual sales. Your website may have high traffic, but you are not sure who to contact first. After all, time is the number one resource in business, so we want to reach users that will purchase our product. This is when Facebook lead ads come in, it will bring you the customers that match your product offering.

So how does Facebook lead ads bring value to businesses?:  

1. Better experience on mobile

Compared to other interactions, people spend most of their time on their phones. It is crucial to provide users a smooth mobile experience. However, the small screens make it hard to fill out complicated forms. The pre-populated forms Facebook lead ads provide will help simplify the registration process by automatically filling out forms for users, improving the mobile experience to a higher grade.

2. Reduce user dropping off

If done well, many users will get interested in seeing your ads online. But if your forms are too complicated to fill, a good ad will not stop users from dropping registration. So, you will end up with massive traffic but a low conversion rate. With Facebook lead ads, users will be more likely to complete the form due to convenience. As a result, there is a reduction in the user drop-off rate.

3. Find leads that is more relevant

Without proper user targeting, you will attract many users that are not relevant to your business. For example, if you are a women’s footwear company, a user with a foot size of US4 saw your ad and is interested in your shoes. However, you only produce sizes US5 above, so your budget spent on customers with sizes below US5 is wasted. So how would you know which users are more relevant and valuable to your business? Facebook lead ads will solve this problem by forwarding your ads to people that match your business and the ones who can successfully be turned into leads, so your sales will know who to contact to make a sale.

4. Ask the right questions

You can only get relevant information by asking the right questions. Knowing more information will help you find the right leads. Facebook lead ads allow you to customize the questions to suit you the best. Find high-quality leads by asking the right questions.

5. Integrate with your CRM

After finding high-quality leads, you don’t want to waste time by filling in customer information one by one into excel. Facebook lead ads automatically link with CRM and upload information after user generation. CRM integration will improve the sales process by helping the sales team get valuable leads for the first time. Time is business money; the faster your sales obtain information, the higher the sales.

6. Matching the needs of customers

Different customers need another solution. The best way to increase customer satisfaction is to match customer’s needs with a customized approach. It is essential to understand what customer needs before approaching them. With the right approach, you will increase the number of successful sales with ease. Leads ads come in various forms: subscription, request for a demo, price inquiry, event registration. Using the most appropriate approach will help you deliver the best sales pitch.

Facebook lead ads are better than other forms of advertisements to lead you to the right users in the first place. It saves time and budget from attracting irrelevant customers that will not be turned into high-quality leads in the end. Not knowing which leads have higher value will end up wasting your marketing and sales budget. Start using Facebook lead ads today by contacting Webzilla digital marketing specialists. We will design the best marketing plan tailored to your business needs.

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What is the Conversion Rate? What is Conversion Rate Optimisation? How to improve and calculate Conversion Rate?

How comes there are thousands of visitors clicking into your website but leave without doing anything? Why is my ratio of exposure and sales low after putting in a massive amount of marketing budget? The answer lies in conversion rate optimization.

What is the Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is the ratio of how many website visitors are turned into customers that do a targetted action. In most cases, it will be paying for a product or service. It is the measuring metrics of what a conversion will be depending on the industry and the type of offering that particular website provides.

A few common types of conversions are:

  • Paying for a product
  • Subscribing to a service
  • Filling a form
  • Downloading information
  • Calling the consultant
  • Making an inquiry

The formula for calculating conversion rate is:

Conversion Rate = (Number of conversions/Number of visitors) x 100% in a given period.

If you have 10,000 monthly visitors but only 100 sales, your conversion rate is only 1%.

Conversion rate is an important performance metric to measure the success and effectiveness of your company website. But how can you track the conversion rate?

How to track Conversion Rate?

Typically, a good website developer will help you track your conversion rate or teach you how to track them. Common platforms where you could track conversion rates are:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads (includes Instagram Ads)
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins

It is an excellent habit to get into tracking your website performance metrics, and you will be more likely to succeed once you hold onto valuable analytics about your company. According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound report, 97% of inbound marketing campaigns fail without good analytics.  You could only learn from mistakes, and the only way to improve the shortages is by understanding where you possibly did wrong.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

There are two steps to increase the conversion rate.

The first step is to increase the number of visitors clicking on your website. That’s done by SEO and SEM, which increases your company and site exposure online. We have talked about utilizing SEO, SEM, and various types of advertisements online in previous articles. You could click into either of those to learn more about how to increase the total amount of visitors:


Many websites face the problem of having thousands of visitors but a low sale. This is where the second step comes into use.

The second step is to increase the number of successful conversions. As mentioned before, different companies and industries have other measurements of conversion. But the method to improve it is by Conversion Rate Optimization.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the method to enhance the number of conversions and the number of total visitors. Below are standard ways to achieve conversion rate optimization:

1. Provide a personalized experience

For a website to stand out and attract customers to engage in activities fully, a personalized experience is essential to achieve.

According to Epsilon marketing research, 80% of customers are more inclined to purchase a produce or service from a company that provides a personalized experience.

Evergage’s Trends survey also shows that on average, 54% of marketers see at least 10% of KPIs increase after using personalized experience on their website.

2. Simplify website content, highlight the value proposition

A good website should be visually simple to follow and easy to find its value proposition. It should attract customer’s attention, stimulate engagement activities, and clearly outlines company/product information. If your website has too many outer links or a messy format, customers will get distracted and decrease their interest in your product.

3. Prioritize mobile user experience and landing page

There are more than ever amount of people choosing to shop on their phones instead of a desktop. Having a well-designed mobile landing page will satisfy the needs of mobile users, which increases the sales of mobile users. If you take a closer look at all successful business websites, you will notice that both of their desktop and mobile landing pages communicate brand messages perfectly to customers. Nowadays, Google also prioritizes mobile landing pages over desktop websites on search engines, which means your search engine rankings will increase if you have a good mobile landing page.

4. Increase site speed

All professional sites have a high loading speed. Nobody wants to wait in this time of era. A long waiting time will reduce customer interest and decline user experience. If you want customers to stay on your site a bit longer, you need to increase your site speed.

Explore more of Webzilla Digital Insights Blog (https://webzilla.co.nz/digital-insights/) and contact Webzilla today to 5x your conversion rate!

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Most of the time small or medium scale businesses struggle to rank high on Google pages or to generate leads and eventually suffer from their sales figures. If you are someone whose sales funnel requires a boost, then we definitely recommend you to implement any or all of the SEO strategies discussed below!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an easy to implement and cost-effective method that helps drive organic traffic over the long term. With the Covid-19 pandemic worsening the world economic scenario, businesses are struggling like never before. During such times, SEO strategies are advantageous since they drive a lot of traffic at minimal cost while improving your online visibility and creating brand awareness!

Here is why Small and Medium Scale businesses should make the most out of SEO strategies:

  • SEO needs no experts! Yes, you read that right. SEO is easy to pick up and implement and most companies (including yours ���) can make the most out of these strategies by training their existing employees.
  • SEO is a sure-shot way to earn the best ROI. If implemented properly, SEO has benefitted a high proportion of businesses in generating elevated revenues.

Having understood the reason behind implementing SEO strategies, let us now have a look at some of the most feasible and successful ones!

  1. Keyword research and targeting:

Keyword research helps optimize and customize their websites specific to their users so that their websites rank higher in the search engines. Most businesses use this strategy and there are a lot of tools available in the online market to help you with this!

Moreover, according to a recent survey, long-tail keywords are the new ‘in’ and SEO now depends on search queries or long-tail keywords. But what is a long-tail keyword? Here is an example:

Keyword: Wristwatch for women

Long-tail keyword: Rolex navy-blue coloured wristwatch for women

Thus, the speciality of long-tail keywords is that they highlight the uniqueness of your product or service, thereby driving the appropriate traffic to your website and increasing the chances of generating sales.

  • Optimize your website:

By optimizing your website, we mean two basic things! The first one is that you make sure your meta descriptions, title tags, URLs, and image alt text have keywords in place. The more you hone your website to suit your users, the higher will be the traffic.

Secondly, make sure your website is well-structured and easy to navigate. Although, every page of your website is important, there are certain pages like About Us, Services, FAQs among others that play a keyrole. Identify what your customers are querying in the search engines and then categorize the content for the page accordingly.

  • Mobile-friendly sites:

July 2019 onwards, Google crawlers or bots determining SEO values of a website, now review if a website is mobile-friendly first. It is because most users these days access the internet on their mobile devices. Thus, a mobile-friendly site ensures a better user experience. Hence, most businesses these days are investing in mobile-friendly websites are garnering impressive results.

  • Localize SEO:

Create listings for your business wherever possible and make the best out of organic listings. This is a very profitable way to earn the interest of local customers and generate potential leads. Try creating a listing in local directories, Google My Business as well as on other review websites. What’s more? It’s 100% free!

Further, make sure to follow this pattern on other search engines like Yahoo and Bing too.

  • Conduct an SEO audit:

Look at what your competitors are doing, the keywords they are using, the content they are posting and the results they are generating. There are online tools available to get the relevant data for all of these. All you need to do is sit down, research and get going.

  • Create diverse content:

As we all know, ‘Content is the King!’ Different age groups consume and enjoy diverse forms of content. While kids and students enjoy video and picture content, professionals often like to go through the data and statistics and hence prefer reading through. Thus, you should identify your target audience, look at their search queries and make interactive content accordingly.

  • Build quality backlinks:

Getting quality backlinks from multiple websitesis a proven way to improve your reputation. Google finds this as a reliable way to rank your website higher. To put this strategy into action, you can approach websites similar to your or influencers and bloggers of your niche.


We urge you to try the above-mentioned strategies and reap a sure shot increase in your revenue figures! But, if you think you are not the right person to take care of such things for your business, no worries! You can definitely hire an expert that can help you implement such kind of SEO strategies to stay ahead of competition. By any chance, if you are looking to hire digital marketing agency, we would like to introduce ourselves here! We are a top-notch digital marketing agency having years of experience in serving clients all across the world. If you need more information about our work in SEO, please visit our website. Till then, keep learning and keep sharing!

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What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

10 years ago, the world of advertising was limited to prints and television. 

Nowadays, our lives have gone digitally, and so did marketing. It has developed and changed its form along with us in the past 10 years.


If I would describe two forms of marketing as people, then traditional marketing is like your uncle. He would tell us what he thinks is the best over and over again tirelessly. Digital marketing is like your best lover because it understands our needs it recommends things that suit us the most.

digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Although both ways of marketing have their advantages, for businesses nowadays, we need to understand the difference between traditional and digital marketing and select the best method for your company. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is traditional marketing? 

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing channels include but are not limited to:

Prints, Television, Billboards, Radio, Coupons, Door-to-door sales, phone call marketing.

Before the internet was invented, traditional marketing was the only way for businesses to communicate with consumers. Its underlying concept is straightforward: repetition=memory. Traditional marketing lacks consumer targeting and segmentation. It communicates messages by exposing it to as many people as possible, hoping that customers will see the product/service and buy afterward. 

How traditional marketing works

Although traditional marketing may appear to be outdated, it still has its potent effects. Today, most people have moved online, hence why digital marketing comes into play and gains its influence over our lives. In the fast-paced marketing environment, it is no longer substantial to use traditional marketing only. You need to combine digital marketing into your marketing strategy.

What is digital marketing?

webzilla social media marketing

Digital marketing is every brand communication you can see online. It can be the affiliate links on social media, the video advertisements in gaming apps, or the promoted websites on Google. 

Digital marketing includes but is not limited to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content management, building a website, App, email marketing.

advantage of digital marketing

You can find out more about each type of digital marketing in here:

Google Advertising: https://webzilla.co.nz/2021/03/08/what-is-google-adwords-what-is-cpc/

Social media marketing: https://webzilla.co.nz/2021/03/29/why-is-social-media-marketing-important-and-beneficial-for-businesses/

WeChat marketing: https://webzilla.co.nz/2021/03/23/why-is-wechat-marketing-your-strategy-to-enter-the-chinese-market/

Digital marketing is derived from traditional marketing. Both have similar underlying conceptions, which is using creativity and influence to promote brand value. Besides the form, the most significant difference is that digital marketing relies on algorithms and data. If you want to do digital marketing, you must understand the algorithms for each digital platform and the newest trends that change every day. Many small to medium businesses prefer to outsource digital marketing to a digital marketing agency. The online environment changes every day; it is so complicated that even the best graduate of top marketing schools cannot perfectly practice digital marketing. It relies on experience and understanding of data. If you would like to know more about digital marketing, you should consider Webzilla and get a free consultation on strategy. 

The advantages of digital marketing

why you should do digital marketing

The top advantage of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is that digital marketing can specialize, segment, and target consumers. It could push content that is suitable towards the likings of a specific type of customer to that region and increase the chance of purchase. For example, SEM could segment user’s age, region, behaviours, stickiness and display your ad to targeted customers. SEO can increase website rankings, competitiveness, and natural traffic. Social media marketing can help you get closer to consumer’s lives and bring extraordinary brand awareness and influence. 

All outcomes of digital marketing are quantizable. You could numerically measure the effects of each marketing campaign. Compared to traditional marketing, you have no idea how many people have seen your billboard after putting $10,000 into the creation budget. Digital marketing will bring you millions of exposure and sales for the same amount of price. Plus, in the end, the data is provided to you for future analysis. The data will tell you how many people have seen this ad, how many people have clicked into your store, and how many people have purchased your product or service. Its transparency will help you save marketing spending.  

If you are interested to learn more about digital marketing and how it could bring your business profit, contact Webzilla digital marketing specialists today. Our mission is to maximize your benefit.

webzilla digital marketing services

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