Improve Your Website Design with These Helpful Tips

You want to make an excellent first impression when visitors come to your house, right? Would you invite guests over for supper and then not feed them? Your website should be treated similarly.

According to a study, users will read only 20% of the words on a page. You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of a visitor. People are less likely to stick around for the main course if your website is busy and lacks a clear message or call to action.

Here are some ways to improve your website, boost conversions, and entice visitors to come back.

Best Tips to Improve Your Website Design

There is a lot of information about making website design better out there. It can be difficult to choose between the two. You want to talk about essential tips for website design.

Here are some essential tips to help you design a better website. So, if you are wondering how to make your website stand out, follow these essential tips.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

There is not much to argue about here. You will need a few things to make your website design better, of course. But no matter what anyone tells you, making your website mobile-friendly and responsive should be your top priority.

Having a website that is not mobile-friendly or responsive hurts you in more than one way. Not only does Google drop you in rankings and searches, but you also lose visitors because your content is hard to read in some formats.

Simple Navigation

Think about this from the user’s point of view. How often do you go to a website and find it hard to get around? Is it hard to move around on the site? Are there menus, links, and other kinds of information everywhere?

It is essential to make it easy for users to find their way around. Even if you have a lot of content and need to organise it differently, simple navigation will bring in more visitors.

Improve Your Page’s Site

Your site’s page speed is critical if you want people to stay on your site and be interested. Remember that more than 53% of people will leave a mobile site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, when you make your site mobile-friendly and responsive, you should also improve website design by making sure your page speed is good.

Remove Unnecessary Content

Even if you don’t believe it, having a lot of content isn’t always better. In many situations, less is more. This is even more important when we talk about tips for making websites.

Your website looks clean, smooth, professional, and to the point. It’s all about finding the right balance between saying what you want and looking too busy.

Use The Help of Social Media

Facebook and Twitter dominate the world we live in now. That is to say; social media is how people stay in touch with each other and with the news.

Any ideas for improving a website should include using social sharing and following. Why? Instagram has 800 million active users every month, and Twitter has 100 million active users every day.

Make Your Call-to-Action Strong

Your website is where you can sell your goods and services, get the word out about your brand, or blog, blog, blog. Make sure you have a clear call-to-action that people can see. Give people who visit your site a way to get in touch with your business.

Take The Help Of SEO

People always mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while discussing strategies to improve website design. While this will not affect the front end of your website, a robust SEO strategy is essential.

Proper SEO will benefit your site in many ways. Most importantly, it will help you rank higher in Google, the trend for what you want, and be appropriately indexed.


There are plenty of techniques to enhance a website design. If you haven’t previously, you should consider most of them. These six website design suggestions given in this post are my personal favourites and the finest approaches to improving website design.

Start applying them right now and watch your visitor traffic and behaviour change.

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How to Make eCommerce Website Popular?

Making an e-commerce website popular will help your company regardless of whether you are a new startup or have been in business for several years.

However, when it comes to building an e-commerce website, good e-commerce site design is critical such as using colours, fonts, pictures, phrases, and graphics. Your e-commerce website should attract new consumers, deliver a fantastic user experience, and showcase your business.

So, here are ten essential tips and tricks that will help you make your website popular.

10 Useful Tips to Make Your Website a Success

  1. Prioritize Branding

Online shoppers choose trusted brands over anonymous e-commerce sites. So, for your e-commerce business to succeed, you must invest in your brand’s reputation. What you stand for, what you do, and how you distinguish yourself from your rivals are all part of your brand’s DNA.

  • Incorporate High-Quality Images

Images enhance conversions, which is well-known in online design (for example, one recent case study showed that incorporating more relevant images into a website design increased conversions by over 40 per cent). And eCommerce is no exception.

Nobody buys anything they have not seen. If you want customers to buy your items, you must provide high-quality product photos.

Having good photographs of all your products (from all perspectives) helps establish client confidence and trust. They are more inclined to buy if they are confident in their knowledge. If there are no photographs of the goods they want to buy (or only one image of poor quality), they will be less likely to buy them, and your conversion rates will suffer.

  • Shift the Focus on the User

It is no secret that internet firms cannot let shoppers touch, feel, smell, and view things before purchasing. While there is no immediate answer to this issue, you may make up for it in other aspects of your business. Some of the finest recommendations include reasonable prices, free delivery, and easier checkout with shopping carts.

  • Play with Colours

Choosing colours for your eCommerce site is more than just picking your favourite hue. Color is a strong weapon that may be used to your advantage if you grasp its psychology (and drive some serious sales in the process).

Colours may evoke different sentiments, emotions, and behaviours in people, so utilize them to gain benefit if you want your eCommerce site to convert.

  • Integrate Social Components

Adding social components to your e-commerce sites is a terrific idea. Product reviews, testimonials, and even social login improve the conversion funnel.

  • Use Quality SEO Services

As the e-commerce economy shows rapid growth, many firms will enter this increasingly competitive market. Thus, to differentiate oneself from the competition, being on top of search engine optimization will be more crucial than ever. Connecting with a knowledgeable SEO can assist you in maintaining your competitive edge over time.

  • Keep Your Content Scannable

You may spend days writing detailed product descriptions for your e-commerce site, but no one will read them. Thus, make your content scannable, whether it is product descriptions, blog pieces, or an about us page. Keep sentences and paragraphs brief, use bold to highlight important points, and use bulleted lists to break up long texts.

The easier your material is to skim, the more likely your audience will grasp your main messages—and buy.

  • Give a Professional Look

Investing in a quality website and giving it a professional look is essential to generating trust with your clients and growing your e-commerce business.

  • Keep it Responsive

If you want to attract several customers to your site, your website must be entirely responsive. You may not be able to persuade those precious mobile visitors to buy from you.

  1. Do not Rush the Launch of the Website

A rushed website launch is one of the most common e-commerce blunders made by failing e-commerce companies.

You only get one chance to launch your website, and you cannot mess this up. So, take your time while revealing anything. It will increase your audience’s curiosity.

Summing Up

Now you have all the information you need to create an e-commerce website. So, why are you still here? Take advantage of these suggestions to revamp your online business.

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8 Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Business

Every prudent business owner knows the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for their company websites. A well-executed SEO strategy may enable a webpage to get to the top of Google.

It knows that when someone Googles for a term or phrase relevant to the user, their website will appear at the top of the heap. And, having your website appear towards the top of search engine results may lead to a flood of targeted traffic.

In reality, there are several ways that SEO may benefit your organization.

Here are some of the reasons why you need SEO for your business.

 Increase Your Website Traffic

Gone is the day when people used conventional methods to generate lead. SEO has changed everything. With SEO services, new clients can easily find your business and what you have to offer. If you aren’t already optimizing your website, SEO might provide a new source of leads.

 What’s more? Website visitors already want what you have to offer; you need to persuade them to work with you. SEO is the approach to obtaining organic traffic to your site.

Increasing Revenue Through Organic Traffic

When consumers use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to get information, this is what is known as “organic traffic.” One of the best ways to increase inbound links is to use them. Improving your website can help it advance in search engine rankings.

How important is SEO? For several reasons, organic search is the primary source of revenue for a site’s URL. In today’s world of social media and viral marketing, you’ll need more than just this to get the word out about your site.

To Achieve A Long-Lasting Result

Advertising on television, in the newspaper, and on billboards is an old method of promoting business and providing short-term results. But in the case of SEO, it contributes to the achievement of long-term objectives.

Increased online visibility leads to higher returns on your investment (ROI).

It Gives You Power Over Your Cost

Search engine optimization will help determine how much something will cost before working on a new project. Be it generating backlinks, developing a digital presence, or writing post material. Once you know how much each service will cost, you can evaluate which one you feel will provide you with the best return on your investment.

Make Your Website More User-Friendly

It’s vital to hire an SEO expert to improve your website for search engines. Another possible goal is to render it more customer-friendly for your core audience.

An excellent user experience includes many aspects, including how quickly your page loads, the ease with which it opens, and whether or not it is mobile-friendly.

It is excellent for your website’s ranking and allows an increase in conversions and a boost in your search rankings.

To Improve Your Offline Presence

Several studies have found that a robust online presence may also lead to an increase in your offline presence. For example, customers considering visiting your shop or site may want to look through your menu or read customer reviews before booking a reservation. In this way, both your popularity and your business will increase inside-out.

You Need SEO To Top The Google Ranking Page.

Reaching the top page of Google results is a massive success for any business. A significant number of internet users get what they’re looking for within the first few pages of search results, and just a tiny percentage of those people go on to look at other pages.

Thus, executing a popular tracking method for every brand is a must. The same is true if you optimize your website’s content using the right keywords.

You Need SEO To Increase Your Social Media Followers

You can expect an increase in the number of individuals who visit your website as it gains popularity. However, because of the notoriety of your service, they may first decide not to purchase anything.

People who become new followers can also spread your marketing messages and lead to more social traffic and sales.


I trust that now you have a better understanding of how critical SEO is to the success of your business. It’s a powerful tool for reaching your marketing objectives.

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Why Outsource Digital Marketing Is the Right Choice to Grow Your Business?

Many organizations have this confusion whether they need to outsource digital marketing services or they can continue with the in-house team and lead the business towards growth. Well, we have the simple answer! It depends! Why? Let us tell you.

The world of digital marketing has limitless possibilities, several elements, and ever-changing features that business owners need to cover if they want to grow the business in the modern day.

It’s challenging for businesses to survive if their internal team is competent enough to cope up with the ever-changing updates coming up in the industry. Moreoever, it becomes difficult if digital marketing is not their core expertise. Where incase of outsourcing digital marketing services, there are higher chances where a digital marketing agency could come up different solution for different problem. So, we advise you to take a clever decision and outsource digital marketing services for better business growth.

Let’s understand why businesses need to outsource digital marketing and how it helps businesses to grow in 2022.

So, read till the end!

What is Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services?

Outsourcing digital marketing services means the practices followed by the organization and giving a right of their sales and marketing to an outside agency, It’s one of the best alternatives for saving costs of hiring new teams and train them for digital marketing tasks.

Reasons Business Should Outsource Digital Marketing.

After understanding the term outsource digital marketing, here we will discuss how it will benefit businesses.

We advise you that only build your internal marketing team if you are willing to invest the time and resources. And if you want quick and quality results, choose to outsource digital marketing instead.

  • Cost-effective

When we set up our own marketing team and build the strategy, it requires several skills like SEO, SEM, etc., but building an in-house team costs us a lot of time and money. But if we contact the best outsourced digital marketing company, they have the expertise in this field and experience of working in multiple industries.

We can hire digital marketing experts based on our requirement time periods, and it gives more control over expenses.

  • Get access to the latest technology.

Once we connect with the effective outsourcing company, they have access to various industry-specific tools, which helps them deliver fast and accurate research, faster implementation, the right strategy and analysis, less repetitive work, and faster achievement of desired goals.

These marketing tools are more expensive, and we might avoid using them in our in-house team. So, outsourcing digital marketing gets you access to the latest technology with minimal expense.

  • New insights & perspective

Outsourcing agencies have the experience of working with different companies and industries, So they have a wide range of knowledge and expertise, which helps them decide what is required to make the website/campaign perform.

They will analyze the business’s needs and give new perspectives and insights on what could be the best approach.

  • Stay ahead of the competition.

Being business owners, we always want our business to keep up with competitive knowledge and industry. The hiring outsourcing company will help businesses work with professionals that boast a breadth of experience in various industries, business types, and a lot more.

The experts of SEO are aware of the updates of search engine algorithms and that outsourcing teams place importance on keeping your business up with all the latest trends and updates. Outsourcing digital marketing will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and give the best possible competitive advantages.

  • Higher productivity

Businesses can not only run on marketing, but we also need to focus on lot’s different things to make the business successful. With the limited human resources and budget, it is never possible to focus on every perspective. Therefore, we suggest small and mid-sized firms to outsource digital marketing, which is highly beneficial for them. It will also allow businesses to improve productivity in their core functions.


Digital marketing has many niche areas that we need to cover to be on top of the competition. Outsourcing will be the best option when you hire the right people. A product can only succeed if its marketing strategies are well defined and followed on time. This is where outsourcing digital marketing can be the trump card for business. We advise you to focus on your core functionality by leaving digital marketing for professionals.

We at Webzilla have teams with a wide range of experience in the domains of digital marketing. If you are looking for a digital marketing consultant and want some advice about your marketing strategy, contact us here. We are happy to grow your business for you.

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5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Your Sales

Marketing for eCommerce is quite a bit different from digital marketing.For achieving long term success in eCommerce marketing, you need to place your efforts on customer’s shopping experience.

There are multiple key performance indicators like organic revenue, shopping conversion rates and targeted web traffic which you should focus on while marketing for eCommerce.

It should be noted that though there are tricks to make eCommerce marketing more effective, these aren’t a one stop solution for all the businesses out there. Following are the five eCommerce marketing strategies proven to increase your sales:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Having a website for your business is just the starting point of entering into the world of eCommerce. The next step is Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO. SEO is the process which involves techniques to optimize a website’s technical configuration, developing relevant content and links so its pages become easily available on search engines so that they are ranked higher.

The following are the things which you should avoid while performing SEO:

  • Having very few payment options.
  • Having customers create accounts.
  • Email Marketing:

Email marketing is indeed a very effective and personalized way to reach your customers. Hence, email marketing should be a part of your eCommerce marketing plan. Birthday emails, Welcome emails, newsletters and Thankyou emails are various forms of emails to involve in your email marketing strategy.

Here is a pro tip for you: If you notice a customer has abandoned the shopping card in the one of the last steps of their shopping experience then you can provide them (by email!) personalized discount coupons valid for a day or a very limited period of time.

  • Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is one of the most popular ways of marketing your products. Social media marketing, youtube marketing are some of the ways of content marketing.

Advertisements on search engines, blog writing, Instagram marketing, Facebook marketplace are some examples of Content Marketing. Paying freelance bloggers, content creators with thousands of followers to advertise your products or services is also a very impactful and trustworthy way to approach your audience.

To top it all, content marketing is the most effective way of marketing your products or services in an organic manner.

  • Responsive Web Design:

Probably the first, foremost and the most crucial step of taking your business online is to have a responsive and user-friendly website. It is better if you make the website effective for mobile users because these days most of the online shopping is done on mobile phones. Thus, making your website a perfect fit for mobile phones is a wise investment.

Research shows that when you guarantee your users an effortless shopping experience, they tend to browse your site a little longer and have a detailed look at your products. Eventually this results in them making more purchases.

It is better to approach an expert or a digital marketing agency who knows how the layout and functioning of a mobile-friendly site should be.

  • Paid Campaigns:

To make your advertisements appear quicker and better pay-per-click or PPC is a great way to get cost-effective results. Have you ever noticed how the ads appear on top when you search for something on google? That is how PPC works. It makes your products or services appear on top.  There are basically three types of ads: Paid Search Ads, Product Listing Ads and Display Ads. These ads individually have their own advantages and functionalities. Thus Paid Campaigns are also a great way of advertising your products or services.

In the best-case scenario, you have to implement all the above-mentioned strategies but there are additional points of concern which you need to consider like creating sales funnel, A/B testing and so on. This is where hiring a digital marketing agency is very helpful. At Webzilla we are experienced marketeers with a wide span of experience in the domain of eCommerce marketing. If you are seeking some advice or digital marketing services than you can contact us here. We wish you have a prosperous journey with the eCommerce world!

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How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

  1. Introduction

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users, making Instagram the most powerful marketing tool for Paid advertising. Being a Facebook-owned platform – Instagram has the great potential to generate business leads for your services or products. It helps you to grow your business by generating more leads.

How much do Instagram ads cost, though? Keep reading for more details.

Well, it totally depends upon the bidding model you have selected; still, on average – it costs between $0.20 t0 $6.70.

● Cost Per Click – $0.20 to $2 per click.

● Cost Per Impressions – $6.70 per 1000 impressions

Moving forward,

1. What makes Instagram ads worth the price?

Let’s have a look at some outstanding reasons that justify the costs of Instagram Ads.

●      Maintain higher click-through rates

When it comes to the CTRs, Instagram delivers the best performance. It is almost 2.5 times higher than other platforms. Great, isn’t it?

Note: – CTRs depends on your ads and target audience.

●      Offer advanced target options

Instagram also offers you advanced targeting options just like you get in Facebook ads.

You can use these features based on your target audience; you need to be clear about who you are targeting in your ads, from interest, location, age, etc. For ex: If your ad is related to cricket, Instead of targeting an audience interested in sports, you can target an audience interested in cricket.

●      Generate sales with higher values

Based on one of the recent studies of Shopify, Instagram users’ average order value is $65. Whereas the average order value of Facebook starts from $55 which is lesser than Instagram. Through Instagram ads, you can generate sales with higher values rather than using facebook ads for your business.

●     The Highest engagement Ratio

Instagram is leading amongst all the other social media platforms when it comes to engagement rates. It helps you earn more impressive engagement if we compare it with Facebook. It is almost ten times higher.

Your business will get more benefits if more people engage with your advertising. All you need to create the ads that serve the right target users, and you will surely get users to click and buy your product or services from your advertisement.

●      High conversion rates

Instagram ads not only generate higher-order values but also generate higher conversion rates compared to other advertising platforms. It offers the average conversion rate – 1.08%, while Twitter ads and Pinterest ads offer 0.77% and 0.54% average conversion rates.

It makes the Instagram ads worthwhile to give it a shot. Here, you need to note that it is always a great ad campaign that earns great results on Instagram. Follow the right optimization strategy to make your Instagram ads cost worth.

2. Optimize Your Instagram Ads

●      Catch Audience’s Attention

Images and videos you use in your ads play an important role as Instagram is a visual platform. Instead of focusing on captions, focus more on image and video, leading the audience to click your ads campaign.

In short, you need to provide quality on this platform to get the maximum ROI.

●      Use the Right Hashtags

When you build your campaign, you always develop a hashtag that describes more about your brands. Unfortunately, those unique hashtags might not work and will not get the lot of engagement you expect.

If you want exposure to potential users, we suggest you use ubiquitous hashtags. You need to spend a good amount of time researching the hashtags used by your target market.

●      Perfect Time to Post

Running the only ads will surely not work; you need to do the analysis and identify at what time your ads had a high engagement. And then experiment by posting ads only during that time. It will surely reduce some of your Instagram ads costs and help you to get optimal results.


It is not as easy as we are discussing. Optimizing the ads demands several experiments and time. If you are looking for fast results, you can hire an Instagram advertising agency and successfully run your Instagram ad campaign.

We at Webzilla can successfully establish effective Instagram ads at optimal cost. We have a team of professional experts and offer friendly personalized digital marketing services. With the maximum use of the potential and power of the internet, we help you connect your brands to your target audience with Instagram Ads.

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The Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Rejected or Disapproved

In the last technical article, we covered the types of advertisement that is prohibited and restricted by the Latest Policies of Google Ads and provided some tips on how to make Google Ads run more smoothly. Today, we’ll discuss another type of social media advertising that digital marketers operate on almost every day — Facebook Ads.

How to make Facebook Ads with appealing titles, creative content and interactive campaigns has left digital advertisers scratching their heads. If you received a notification that your advertisement does not conform to the advertising policy and must be revised, the advertiser will be dispirited. What are the things to watch out for when running your Facebook ads, and does your content violate any policy? It will be explained in detail below

Prohibited Content of Facebook Ads

  1. Illegal Products or Services: Your ads must not constitute, facilitate, or promote illegal products, services or activities. In addition, if your target group are under age, the ads must not promote products, services, or content that are illegal, unsafe and inappropriate or that mislead, exploit, or exert undue pressure on the minor.
  2. Discriminatory Practices: your ads must not discriminate or encourage discrimination against people, including national origin, age, ethnicity, colour, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability etc.
  3. Grammar & Profanity: the ads must not contain profanity or bad grammar and punctuation. Symbols, numbers and letters must be used properly without the intention of circumventing the ad review process and other enforcement systems of Facebook. For example, you are not allowed to use ‘Buy Now ’. You might adopt ‘Click here for more information!’ instead. 
  4. Adult Content and Adult Products or Services: Ads must not include nudity, depictions of people in explicit, suggestive positions and images focused on individual body parts.
  5. Tobacco and Related Products, Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives, Unsafe Substances (i.e., Drug-related paraphernalia), Sensational Content (i.e., Ad depicting graphic details of torture or suffering, Ad depicting pimple popping or Ad depicting mutilation)
  6. Controversial Content, Cheating and Deceitful Practices, Third-Party Infringement, Non-existent Functionality
  7. Non-Functional Landing Page: Error pages or sites that are under construction, directing people to a closed or secret Facebook group, landing pages that don’t match the product or service promoted in the ad etc. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/prohibited_content

Restricted Content of Facebook Content

  1. Online Gambling and Gaming: Common types of gambling or gaming activities that may require permission include betting, lotteries, raffles, casino, fantasy sports, bingo, poker, skill game tournaments and sweepstakes.
  2. Financial and Insurance Products and Services: Ads must directly request the input of a person’s financial information like credit card information.
  3. Subscription Services: The landing page of ads must clearly describe and display the subscription’s terms and conditions, including details on cancelling the service.
  4. Facebook requires online pharmacies who wish to run ads to be certified with LegitScript. Ads that promote over-the-counter medicines must comply with all applicable local laws. Ads may only promote prescription drugs in the following jurisdictions: the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. Ads promoting prescription drugs must not be targeted to people under 18 years of age.
  5. Cosmetic Procedures and Wellness: Ads marketing cosmetic surgeries and procedures must be targeted to people at least 18 years or older. Ads marketing dietary, health, or herbal supplements must be targeted to people at least 18 years or older.
  6. Alcohol: Ads that promote or reference alcohol must comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry codes, guidelines, licenses and approvals, and include age and country targeting criteria consistent with Facebook’s targeting requirements and applicable local laws.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/restricted_content/alcohol

How to solve the issues if the ads are rejected

You may create a new ad or revise your ad to comply with our Advertising Policies. These ads will be treated as new ads and reviewed by our ads review system. Or, if you believe the ad was incorrectly rejected, you can request a review of the decision in Account Quality.

(source: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/restricted_content)

Before starting a new FB ad, it is recommended to do the following steps firstly:

  1. Be careful with your wording for copywriting
  2. Image ads use natural images as much as possible and don’t look like ads
  3. Don’t exaggerate effectiveness and make promises you can’t guarantee
  4. Ensure that the landing page runs properly, including loading speed, image quality, and content relevance
  5. Seek professional help and have an experienced person assess the risk of your advertisements being rejected

In the process of advertising on Facebook, it is inevitable to encounter the situation that the advertisement cannot be approved. It is recommended to reserve time to wait for the review process before launching the advertisement. Want to learn more about how to improve the quality of your Facebook ads or how to deliver them more effectively? Welcome to contact Webzilla’s digital marketing experts for professional help and customised solutions.

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Why your Google ads cannot be approved?

Searching online has increasingly become a way for people to quickly find answers. Every time they have a question that needs to find relevant information, products or service, or a DIY cooking recipe, they will click Google and type in keywords. On the other way, Google is also delivering relevant ads to potential audiences based on people’s search behaviour. Therefore, marketers dedicate themselves to analysing data, selecting keywords and creating good Copywrite to reach and attract their target customers who may click the ads. However, Google tends to provide better customers and has constantly updated its advertising policies. Sometimes, Google Ads probably are disapproved because the advertising content is “illegal”.

The Latest Policies of Google Ads

1. Prohibited content: Inappropriate content, dangerous products or services, counterfeit goods and enabling dishonest behaviour

Examples: racial discrimination, cruelty to animals, explosive materials and fireworks, hacking software, and academic cheating services, etc.

2. Prohibited practices: Misrepresentation, Abusing the ad network, Data collection and use

Examples: collecting donations under false pretences, users’ information, promoting content that contains malware

3. Restricted content and features: Gambling and games, Financial services, Alcohol, Healthcare and medicines, Restricted ad formats and features, Political content.

(source: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6008942?hl=en#con)

Case Study

Numerous immigration agents based in New Zealand and Australia were recently stopped from running Google ads. There is no fraud or cheating behaviour, and they have the official license certified by the New Zealand Immigration and Australia. So, what happened?

According to the New Government Services Policy (May 2020), ‘Google will no longer allow ads for documents and/or services that can be obtained directly from a government or a delegated provider.’ Promotions from authorised providers or resellers will be prohibited. Google demonstrates the documents include passports and other forms of national ID; proof of permanent residency; proof of immigration status/registration; travel documents like visas and Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETAs), etc. (Source: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/9736337?hl=en)

Hence, the policy has a great negative influence on the immigration agency industry to run Google ads.

Consequences of violation and Solution

Disapproved Ads: The content may violate the policies of Google Ads and will be suspended.

Solution: You should figure out and determine whether the ads violate any policy. If you find them, you need to edit the ads and resubmit them.  Or you can appeal the policy decision.

(Source: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/1704381?hl=en&ref_topic=1308266)

Google Ads account is suspended: Google may issue a warning if the content of your ads violates the policies or terms and conditions. This notification will be sent at least 7 days within your Google Ads account and email. If Google detects egregious violations, your Google Ads accounts will be suspended immediately without warning, and your Ads will no longer to allow to run.

Solution: If you disagree with the decision of Google, you can submit an appeal. Google will notify you of the result of the appeal via email after review.

(Source: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/2375414?hl=en&ref_topic=1308266)

How to run Google ads smoothly?

1. Study the Google ads policies carefully and check your ads contain violations or, such as fake goods, dangerous products, or discriminatory content mentioned above

2. Avoid “trick-to-click” text, for example, Google will flag the text  “click here”. You can consider adopting “Buy now”.

3. Avoid long text, the headlines can be 30 characters and the descriptions of ads can be 90 characters. In addition, reduce the use of exclamation marks and words of the content are in all caps.

4. You cannot use “best product” or “first in business” that brag descriptions unless you were certified or rewarded by a third party. Consider adopting customers’ positive, genuine feedback.

5. To ensure that targeted pages work properly and do not contain any illegal content, Google checks ads and pays close attention to the quality of targeted pages at the same time.

To create a comfortable and safe online environment for users, Google will update its advertising policy non-scheduled. In addition to some broad terms and conditions updates, Google will also issue policies for specific regions and countries. Need to improve the quality of Google ads or be more effective in the running process? Please contact Webzilla’s digital marketing experts for professional help and customized solutions.

Disclaimer: The case stories in this article are only for basic explanation and analysis, not for any individual or industry group, for reference only. All similarities are coincidences

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Duplicate Content harms SEO. You should adopt Canonical Tags

How to improve the quality of the website to attract more visitors? It is a daily task for all digital marketers. As is well-known, content is king and the marketing team consistently create appealing content. Marketers also attempt to public the content in multiple channels to impress and drive traffic. Sometimes, they may acquiesce the plagiarism because they believe the quality of the content is approved. However, duplicate content impacts your SEO negatively.

Duplicate Content

The definition of duplicate content means that the same or very similar content can be found on two different URLs. The reasons for this phenomenon include internal and external factors.

Internal Factors

  • Some products are removed when you adjust or upload. However, it may still retain the entrance to go to the blank page.
  • You may just copy and paste the product information provided by suppliers or the product information is duplicated with the platforms of the third party, such as eBay, Amazon or TradeMe, etc.
  • The new content may be not combined with expired content on the blog page, which result in high content similarity
  • The same content is used for the various product categories under the different URL

External Factors

  • The content is maliciously plagiarised

How does Duplicate Content harm SEO

1. Your content is similar or identical to that of another website, but it may have a higher rank than you, even if you are the original author.

2. Search engines score web pages for relevance, quality and weight to provide a final ranking. If there is too much duplicate content, the weight will be distributed to different pages and diluted.

3. The chance of appearing on SERP may reduce. The same content does not appear on the same SERP. Google tends to create a better user search experience. Therefore, the search engine identifies and filters out the same content, and only one result is displayed.

4. The time for search engines to crawl content on a website is limited, and plenty of repeated content will occupy the crawl resource. The most important content cannot be crawled at the end. 

Adopt Canonical Tags

A canonical tag is a snippet of HTML code that can define duplicate or content with high similarity. You can adopt a canonical tag to specify the original page. It is equivalent to labelling the source of the content. When search engines find the rel=canonical tag, they target the index to the main version that you would like search engines to index.

The Canonical URL is written in the syntax of HTML as

<link rel=“canonical” href=“https://example.com/sample-page/” />

The following are important considerations when you set up and adopt Canonical URLs

  • Canonical tags are placed within the <head> section of a web page.
  • Add the absolute URL after the canonical code, which must have the full information for the resource, in lower case
  • If it is an e-commerce web page, you can add the particular product page after the code, <link rel=“canonical” href=“https://example.com/sample-page/” />
  • Avoid using Canonical Tags too many times and Google will simply ignore them all
  • You can set up a 301 redirect diverting traffic from duplicate URLs to the original page

The cause of duplicate content is not necessarily intentional, and optimization of the content may be overlooked during busy product updates. The right Canonical Tags can significantly reduce the amount of negative influence for SEO caused by duplicate content. While learning to use Canonical Tags, you also need to pursue the quality of content. If you need to create and evaluate the content, optimize your search engine, or adopt Canonical Tags, please contact Webzilla for professional help and customized strategy.

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How much do Google ads cost?

As a digital marketing agency ourselves, we have seen tremendous growth in the world of online advertising – both in terms of the businesses who have started using it these days to the amount of revenue which is being generated of these advertisements. Having realized the potential of an online marketplace especially that of online advertising more and more businesses are turning towards it and why not! One of the most popular medium of online advertising is Google Ads and here’s why:

  • Google is the biggest search engine with close to 167 billion searches per month. This speaks volumes as to why businesses prefer to advertise on Google.
  • The Pay-per-click conversion rate of Google is 1.5 times that of organic search clicks.
  • Google is geographically wise and that is why businesses can target many local communities as well. This helps to further improve the conversion rate.
  • To top it all, the ads on Google are not only ranked based on the bid they make for the ad words. In fact a lot of it also depends on the ad quality as well as your business reviews. Based upon all these factors the rank of an advertisement is decided.

Having realized the advantages of opting for Google ads, let us now have a look at the pricing structure of Google ads and what factors do they depend on.

Firstly, businesses are only charged the money for ads whenever a user clicks on the ad to either view or buy the product or maybe contact the respective organization.  

While there is no fixed costing structure for Google ads since the ads depend on various factors like the field of your business, the bidding rates for that field, the keyword selection and so on. For example: Advertisements relevant to restaurants, real estate, legal businesses cost high and therefore they have a higher cost-per-click as compared to those of museums or libraries. This is also logical since the clients you land in one of these high profile domains pay an average of $5000 and hence a $20 – $30 CPC is reasonable. There are additional factors such as Google Adwords auction, PPC Management software and/ or Ad agency fees in case you hire one, but the latter two are objective and may differ tremendously for various businesses.

Among all of these the key factor is the Google Adwords auction. For this, the advertisers bid on various keywords used in the advertisement. When a user searches for the related products or services then they use keywords and Google looks for the words which have been bid by the advertisers. Thereafter an auction amongst the most relatable ones takes place and the ads are ranked for placement.

Based on the ad rank the cost per click i.e. the CPC as well as the placement of the ad on the search results page is decided. Thus the Ad rank is dependent of the maximum bid as well as the business’s ad quality. The trick to achieve a high Google rank with comparatively less bid is to have an exemplary ad quality for your advertisement.

Yet another trick is to use certain unconventional or unusual keywords for your adwords bidding. This will serve you less competition and higher conversion at the same time.  Practicing the above two methods will help you get the maximum outputs from your Google ad copies.

As a business willing to explore the world of Google advertisements and to get the most out of it it is recommended that you read and learn about the subject matter in depth. Trial and error is the key here but you must take calculative risks. If it seems too intimidating, then seeking professional advice is the best way out. This is where we at Webzilla come into the picture.

At Webzilla, we provide digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and help them make a solid presence in the online market. We provide unmatched services in this field owing to our passion and experience. All in all we provide end to end online marketing solutions. If you wish to enquire about our services, learn more about us or simply have a chat with us then contact us here!   

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