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    Why social media marketing?
    Social media changed the way people live. It improved our living standards and stimulated economic developments.

    Today, more than 3 billion people are using social media.

    Thanks to the technology pioneers, we can enjoy the comprehensive benefits of the social media revolution.

    Social media is one of the most used and engaging communication mediums.

    • The number of users using social media has reached an all-time high and is still increasing every day. If brands want to be seen, social media marketing is the best strategy for all. More than 3 billion people use social media, and around 52% of marketers think that social media has increased business sales and revenue.
    • The most unique and best advantage of social media advertising is that you could precisely target consumers on social media through ad placements. I don’t know if you have experienced this: I searched “Best computer recommendations” on Google. When I opened up Instagram and Facebook, I received the ads displaying “computers for sale” on my accounts. This is called behavioral advertising, and precision targeting is used smartly by technology companies.
    Why choose Webzilla?

    Webzilla has helped more than 200 brands establish effective digital marketing plans by placing ads on digital platforms, building SEO, and creating unique websites. We have the best professional expertise and most friendly personalized services. Through utilizing the potentials and power of the internet, connect brands to the target audience.

    As mentioned in the Facebook section, normal boosted posts have its limitations on reaching wider audience and choosing specific ad positioning. Webzilla can utilize Facebook ads functionalities and help you establish better ads positioning and targeting which will generate better ROI and ads effectiveness.

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