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What is Search
Engine Marketing?
Google is the leading search engine we use daily. Placing ads on Google is an effective method to increase website traffic.

But Google Ads does not work as simple as traditional advertising, and there are more to merely paying for advertising placements on media.

  • To select the most appropriate keywords for your particular brand, products, or services, you will need to identify the target audience for your company. The marketer will have to analyze the brand and offerings and think of words that can best represent them through search. The purpose is to target users’ demographics and attract target users who are more likely to purchase your products or services.
  • Believe it or not, every internet user is familiar with Google Ads. We see Google Ads frequently on websites, blogs, internet browsers, Google Apps, and YouTube.

    Google Adwords is a digital advertising platform designed by Google for advertisers to bid on different forms of online advertising.

    There are many different types of Google Ads we see on the internet. The first type is called Search Engine campaigns, or Search Ads. These are the ads that show on the Google search result page due to a keyword search.

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Youtube Ads

YouTube advertising, done through Google Ads, is a way of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results

Shopping Ads

A type of ad that features detailed information about specific products that you sell. Shopping ads can refer to Product Shopping ads

Display Ads

Display ads are ads that are shown on the articles, videos, or websites that consumers browse

Search Ads

Search ads allow you to display your website listing at the top of the search results, and drive more traffic to your website.
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